Dinosaur Fun with iMovie and Augmented Reality Apps!


A little while ago we made a iMovie Trailer with our pictures that we took using the app Walking with Dinosaurs!


I am hoping my attempts to share it with you using the Aurasma app are working!  The movie trailer files are too big to send via email so this is my attempt at a go around!  Hopefully you have found the link to this aura in the email I sent home!   You should also have the trigger picture of the dinosaur at home as well!

Follow the directions in the email to access the aura!  Remember that you must open the aura within your email.


We had great fun slotting the pictures we took with the dinosaurs into an iMovie trailer slots and then figuring out what the words should say to go with the pictures!




I have to admit that we are having entirely too much fun with these three apps!


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