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Raindrops and Letter School!

IMG_1722We had fun last week creating these little people carrying umbrellas that are much too big for them!  The children created little flip books based on the poem “Rain on the Green Grass” !


They did a great job illustrating them, don’t you think!


Isn’t it amazing that old wallpaper books have the exact patterns that we sometimes find on umbrellas!


I love to surf the app store looking for new apps.  This is my latest find!  It is called Letter School.


It is a great app about learning how to form letters and numerals correctly.  And the best part is that it is fun!


I showed it to the students today and I wish you could have heard all the giggles!  It teaches how to form both upper and lower case letters in the conventional format.  They had a great time working with it.  We continue to share the iPad using the Belkin headphone and some excellent sharing skills.  Everyone enjoyed taking their turn!  I am hoping that some students will pick up the correct formation of some of the letters they are still struggling to learn to do in the conventional format!  


 If you move your finger in the wrong direction it won’t move and just makes a funny little noise that indicates that you need to try a different way.  The animations for the letters are amazing!  

If you have someone in your house who is just learning the names of the letters and how to make them you definitely want to check out this app!


Even students in Grade One AND THEIR TEACHER love this app!


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