Letter and Science Fun!


Today I introduced one of my favourite iPad apps to the class.  It is called Letter School!  It is an awesome app that presents learning how to make the letters of the alphabet in a very engaging way.  We are really lucky because I can present the apps on the iPad and all the children can see and hear it on the big screen with the use of the projector.  I have a special cord that lets me connect to the projector.


It is a great way to introduce the app to everyone at the same time.  I had a student use the app and all the children could see and hear it.  The student makes the letter using the arrow cues and these amazing animations appear to make the letters.  It is awesome to hear all the giggles as they learn their letters!  Too much fun!


The children worked in small groups sharing the iPad and taking turns making the letters.  I have a special headphone adapter for the iPad that lets several children use it at once!  They were very co-operative and took turns really well!


We did another science experiment today!  I love watching their faces the first time I demonstrate it.  Each child got to try the experiment on their own.  All you need is a cup, some water, a piece of cardboard, and a place like the kitchen sink to work at!


We talked about why the water stayed in the cup!  One student’s water stayed in their cup for over half an hour!  Eventually, the cardboard gets saturated with water and the seal releases.  The children illustrated the experiment and labelled their drawing.


They did a great job!


It is always fun to see their faces when the water stays in the cup!  Science is magic!


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