Elf on the Shelf and Gus!

IMG_1088Today when we came to school we had a new visitor!  We have a little ghost named Gus who likes to write to us each day and play tricks on Mrs. Anton.  He always seems to know where the stapler is even if Mrs. Anton doesn’t!  Today he had a visitor to help him!


An elf on the shelf arrived from the North Pole and together they wrote the morning message backwards, went for a ride on our big life size stegosaurus, and left us a puzzle to play with today!



So, of course, we had to write about it and draw pictures!  We used Doodle Buddy again for the pictures.   We are making a little journal chronicling The Adventures of the Elf and Gus.  I don’t have pictures of it yet but the children did some great work there too.

We also did some more spelling with word families and some Christmas words on the iPads again this morning.  So easy to find the common endings and underline them or look for a little word within a big one!


We also tried out some of the spelling apps.   I will post the names of the Spelling apps tomorrow!  In the excitement, I forgot to write it down…

Now, I wonder what we will find Gus and the elf up to tomorrow!


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