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Christmas Lights!

IMG_1202We had a great time in December!  The children really enjoyed making the Christmas Houses!  I wish you could have heard the oohs and aahh when the glitter falls of the houses and sticks to the “glue” lights!  Lots of fun!


We will be using these houses as covers for our Christmas Senses booklets.  I think they will make a great keepsake!  We have been recording how Christmas affects our senses.  Lots of great language and images!


We also had a great time on our Polar Express Day! We read the book by Chris Van Alsburg and watched the movie while we completed some related work!  We had hot chocolate with lots of marshmallows, cookies, and oranges.  Yummy!  We got to wear our pajamas too.  The weather was just like at the North Pole too!   Do you see the silver bell?


The last day before Christmas we made a Gingerbread man and put him in the oven with a lot of little gingerbread men.  He led us on a merry chase around the school! He left a clue to his route in each classroom that we visited!  We eventually caught up with him and ate him up!  We will be working on other gingerbread stories after the break!  We made a story map of the one we read!  Check it out!


Here’s a closer view!  Love all that detail!



Notice the name of the school!  We thought it should be Mountain View!  Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!


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