Two more days of Fun and Learning!

Yesterday we had a lot of fun once again with our iPads.  We started using a new app that was a huge hit.  It is called Montesorri ABC.  It is a neat little app that lets the children practise their spelling skills.  It is cool because it asks the children to spell a simple 3 letter word by dragging the letters to the word frame from an alphabet at the bottom of the screen.  As they touch the letter it gives the letter sound.  Then after they add all the letters it says the sounds again and lets the children hear the blend.  As a reward after each word, the app gives them a variety of different objects that act like confetti that they get to swirl around.  Really cool effects that the children loved!  Really fun to listen to the ooohs and ahhhs and observe how totally absorbed they were in their task! 

Then we did some more spelling dictation using the Doodle Buddy app.  I showed them where to get a glitter pen to use and they loved doing their spelling with that!  Lots of practise of long and short vowel patterns and no paper used up! 

In the afternoon, we tried using the iTalk app.  This app is really easy to use.  We did a quick demo and then partnered up to record our reading.  We chose a story in the reader we were working on to read and record.  One child read while the other child held the iPad up so the the mike was able to pick up their voices.  Then they listened to their own reading.  Then they switched turns!  They really got into it.  We will definitely try that again! 

Today we started off the day with the Montesorri ABC app again by request!!  The children really got into it again and I was able to move children who needed a bit more of a challenge to the next level of play.  Some children got over 50 words done in a very short amount of time including the reward confetti fun!  We also spent a little time on the Sight Word Bingo app.  This app also allows them to practise spelling the words for a variety of reward bingo bugs to play with and fun games that also expect the children to identify the words. 

Then we introduced the Cat in the Hat app.  This is an app that tells the Cat in the Hat story.  You have the option of having it read to you  or you can read it by yourself.  Each page had hot buttons on the screen that the children can touch to find out the word that goes with the object or has something happen!  I had the children go through the story once with the read to me option.  Then I asked them to try to read the story by themselves.  The really cool thing about this option is that if the children come to a word they don’t know or remember all they have to do is touch the screen on that word and the word is read to them.   All the children were sitting or laying down on the carpet totally absorbed in the story and getting help with the words they needed.  Totally cool!

Two little things happened today that I thought were really cool too.  The first one happened when one of my little girls came up and gave me a big hug.  She commented that she wanted to hug me for “the iPads! I love them!”    I want to hug the people at the district for giving us the opportunity to work with these cool tools! 

The other thing happened when we had an inside day today for long recess.  I put out the scrap bucket for the students to create with.  One little boy took the scraps and made an iPad complete with a cover to flap it closed!  He took great delight in showing how he could flap it closed!  They have definitely made an impression in our class! 

I will really really really miss them when they have to go….


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  1. tkonynenbelt

    This was so fun to read! I could just see all the kids on the carpet…
    Thanks for the great ideas. Although I teach a grade 5/6 at Bayview, many students need review with basic skills and this would be very practical for my low kids.

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