Big Little Buddies!

Today our class took the iPads to one of the Kindergarten classes and became Big Buddies instead of Little Buddies!  The Grade Ones really enjoyed being the Big Buddies sharing their knowledge about the iPads with the kindergarten class.  I was really proud of how well they did showing the kindergarten students how to navigate Doodle Buddy and Montesorri ABC.  They did a really good job of showing their “little buddies” how to use the app and then remembering to let them try it instead of taking over!  We had two classes totally immersed trying out the apps.  We will visit the other Kindergarten class next week! 

The Grade seven class used the iPads for the rest of the morning.  Mr. Ball has been working with his class on research skills and the iPads are an ideal tool for this endeavor.  I can’t help thinking that if the Grade Ones can find so many ways to incorporate the iPads into our learning imagine what the older grades could accomplish!  We hope to get together and do a project together with our two classes if we can. 

In the afternoon we used the iPads again and shared them with our Big Buddy class.  Once again my “little buddies” became the teachers and showed their Big buddies in Grade Four a variety of apps.  The Montesorri ABC app has multiple levels of difficulty and I was able to show some of  the big buddies the more difficult words to figure out.   They also seemed to enjoy working with Doodle Buddy.   

I have included two pages from the I Like Books app that we have been using this week for reading time.  These two pages caused lots of giggles!


We have had an awesome week! 




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