Printing Practise!

Today we worked with the Printing App.  This is a cool app that shows the children how to print the letters in the conventional format.  It does not accept efforts that do not follow the correct direction or orientation.  Once the children have learned to print a letter a certain way it is very difficult to try to get them to change to the conventional format.  It is especially difficult to make sure they are practising the new way consistently and correctly.  This is where this app is lovely.  It only accepts the correct formation each time!  

This morning we tried something new!  After the children had finished their independent work, I passed them an iPad and let them practise their Dolch word lists with Word Bingo.  It was amazing how quickly their independent work was completed.  They just gobbled up the extra practise using the iPads.  I bet they didn’t even know they were still working!!  It also allowed me to individualize their practise as I was able to direct them to the appropriate list that they needed to work with. 

In the afternoon, we were Big Buddies to the other kindergarten class.  The children did a really good job introducing Doodle Buddy and Montesorri ABC to their kindergarten little buddies.  Both groups appeared to be totally absorbed!   

We ended the day with some more Cat in the Hat! 

The days are just flying by! 


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