Journals with iPads

Today we continued to explore and learn using the iPads in our classroom. 


We used the iPads as a workspace to work on spelling simple long vowel words.  We have been working on the long vowel rule “When two vowels go walking the first one does the talking and he says his alphabet name.”  They all jumped in and enjoyed using the ipads this way.  We saved a lot of paper too!


We are trying to become more familiar with Story Buddy.  In particular, we are trying to use the text element to write our own stories.  In the morning the children drew snowmen and then on a different page or on the same page tried to write a story about their snowmen.  Learning how to write using a keyboard is one thing.  Learning how to correct your work  is another.  It is a little tricky to manage the “select” and “cut” options as well as using capitals and periods.  I wish that there were at least 4 Mrs. Antons to help!  We managed though! Miss W. helped too!

In the afternoon, we tried to write a journal entry about the iPads using Story Buddy.  Part of the process is finding the app, opening it,  learning how to create a new book, name it, create some pages, and choosing the correct tool, font, and so on.  That’s a lot for little ones to grasp even before they start their work.  But they constantly amaze me by jumping right in and getting it done!  I was very happy  to see them trying to write their own sentences in addition to the frame sentences I provided for them.   The really cool change they made was changing the “I like the iPads” frame to an “I love the iPads” frame! 

We also did some math using the iPads and the app Doodle Buddy!  They had to create a math story using the stamps and then go around and record all their friends stories in their math scribblers.  The stamps in Doodle Buddy have a sound attached to them when you use them.  It is fun to listen to all the giggles from the children as they make their stories.  

We also used the iPads for Silent Reading time!  They were able to use the I Like Books app once again to find a story that they wanted to listen to or try to read by themselves. 

The day just flew by!


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