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Snowman iPad Project Fun!

I have created a new page on the blog to showcase our Snowman project! At the top of this blog you should find a new page called Snowman iPad Project Movies!  This is where I hope to post all the movies we have created of our wonderful snowmen.  I will try to get them all posted soon!  Enjoy!

The snowmen project is one of my favorite projects.  Thank you for making such wonderful snowmen as a starting point for our project!

This year we have turned our iPad project into movies of each book which we have uploaded to our Youtube channel.   We hope you enjoy them!

The children used a variety of apps to create their project based on the wonderful snowmen they created with their families at home!  We used a combination of Doodle Buddy, using the camera on the iPad, and Explain Everything to create our projects!

They worked very hard on them!

You can hear how proud they are in their voices!

More coming soon!


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Fun with Frogs!


We have been working on a Frog theme this past week!  We did a mini research report about frogs and toads.  The children read fact sentences about frogs and toads and then sorted them into different categories!  They liked the Cool Fact category the best!


We have also been reading Frog and Toad stories and we made a story map about The Lost Button story!





They added a lot of detail to their story maps!


We made origami frogs to act out the story map!   One student really enjoyed making them and made lots of them.  She gave some of them away, too!


And, of course, we had to have a origami frog hopping contest!




We have also been doing some more science experiments!


This one seems like magic.  We put 5 bent toothpicks together on a plate.  The toothpicks are arranged so that the bent parts are close together.  We used a straw as an eyedropper and dropped several drops of water on the toothpicks where they are bent.  Watch what happens!






It was fun to see their faces as the star appears!


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