Working with Doodle Buddy

Today we worked with the iPads using a variety of apps.  We started off working with Sight Word Bingo.  This is a cool app that lets the children practise their Dolch word lists.  They can choose the list they are currently trying to master and play Bingo, practise spelling the words, and quick recognition games.  The children seemed to really enjoy this opportunity and it certainly was more fun and interactive than flash cards!  I was happy to see that the scores seem to be improving with each go round. 

Later in the day we worked with a new app called Doodle Buddy.  I showed them a few basic components of the program and then let them have a little time exploring and experimenting on their own.  It is a really neat little app that allows them to use stamps, drawing tools, stencils and incorporate a variety of backgrounds.  Then we used this program to make simple addition stories using the stamps and the drawing tools.  They loved the opportunity to create simple addition stories quickly and with cool sound effects too!  I was able to take screen shots of some of their stories to show you! 

To finish off our time on the iPads we played Math Bingo.  Same idea as the Sight Word Bingo with similar results!  Lots of engagement and opportunities to practise their skills in a fun environment.  Lots of thinking and happy children!  Great result!



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  1. What a lot of learning in one day!

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