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Thanksgiving Turkey Fun!

IMG_0797Happy Thanksgiving!  We had a great time on Friday making these little turkeys!  I did a quick demo and then the children each created their own!  Each turkey seemed to have its own personality!  


IMG_2198They each picked out a pine cone, tried out where to put their leaf tail feathers, and then created their turkeys!  The children really seemed to enjoy making them!  


We also make a little poem about what we are thankful for!  The children came up with some awesome ideas!  I will try to post some of these next week!  Forgot to take pictures of them!

The children seemed to really enjoy making their fall booklets. They did an excellent job matching the pictures to the sentences using  some of the reading strategies we have been using thus far!

IMG_2195Then they completed their own little book matching the pictures to the correct page.


We collected the pages into a little book and then decorated it with some stickers!  Love those peel and stick foam stickers!




I hope they got a chance to read them with you!  We have been focusing on the color words, and simple sight words, beginning and ending sounds, and using the pictures to help figure out new words thus far.  Hopefully they can read all or some of the words or pages to you all by themselves!

Happy Thanksgiving!


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