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Tell Me a Story!

book bunnyI found another story writing app that I really like!  It is called Storybook Maker.  I played with it a bit on the weekend and then passed it on to my students to explore.  As usual, they were fearless!

storybook maker elephant

Right away, they figured out how to take pictures and import them into their stories. (I hadn’t even done that yet!)  Then. they added pictures to the story.  Then came the text and the recording of the text.  All this on their own! I think that they have become so comfortable with the process with the other apps they have used that it has become intuitive for them!

Then, I showed them about the borders.  Today I pointed out that they could add what they call “physics”.

bunny storybook maker

This allows them to add an object to their book that they can manipulate around on the page.  You can move the ball around on the page with your finger. 

storybook maker cover

I still haven’t shown them how they can add music to the page….  I bet I won’t have to!

The books can be exported as PDFs.  So I will be emailing them along as we finish them!

Hopefully, you have had a look at Spelling City and found this week’s spelling words.  The children really seemed to enjoy the games when I introduced them in the lab.  Hopefully the extra practise will help them master the words.   Watch for next week’s  list on Monday!



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