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Sinterclaas and the Elf!

IMG_1094Today Sinterclaas left a treat for our class.  I am a first generation Canadian as my parents emigrated to Canada in 1952.  We brought some   customs that we still celebrate today!   One of my favourites is Dutch Christmas.  So, today I brought my wooden shoes to school.  The children learned to count to 10 in Dutch and say Merry Christmas. Sinterclaas must have noticed because when we put my wooden shoes outside our classroom door, Sinterclaas came!  He brought little treats for the children along with special gingerbread cookies called speculaas, some gumdrops, and chocolate letters.  Lots of fun.


The Elf  and Gus built a castle out of the blocks last night and played with some of our dinosaurs!  Take a look!  The children brainstormed some names for the elf and the elf is going to let us know what her name will be in the morning!


We decided to take our silent reading up a notch and used the iPads and our headphones and listened to the stories on the I Like Books app again today.  It is hard to tell which story is their favourite!  I like this program because as it reads the story the words are also highlighted.


They look focussed, don’t they!


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