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Fun with The Elves!

Sparkles, our Elf on the Shelf and Gus, our resident ghost and trickster have been leaving surprises all month.  I decided to try to catch them in the act with the Santa Spy Cam app.  We caught Sparkles’ friends in the act!  You can see our classroom in the video! They left us a note!  Too much fun!  The Santa Spy Cam app is really cool.  Take a look at this app at the app store or online and see the amazing things that are possible with this app!


 Here are a few of the treats left for us each day!


The students seemed to really enjoy the visit from Sparkles and rushed to find out what she had left for us each day!  We will miss her!



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Gingerbread Man Fun!


Gingerbread man

We had a great time chasing this guy all around the school!  He led us on a merry chase all around the school.  First, we read the story about the Gingerbread Man.  I had made a this big guy at home and brought him to school to decorate and  bake.  When we went to take him out of the oven he had run away.  He left us a clue written on a gingerbread man shape in the kitchen. That led us to the office and classrooms all around the school.  The students had a great time locating all the clues hidden in the classrooms! He finally ended up back in our classroom on my rolling chair!


I had also made some miniature gingerbread men that we used to act out the story map that the children made to retell the story!


Both big and little gingerbread men were gobbled up before home time!


Now that’s a yummy story!

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