Too Much Fun with the iPads!

IMG_1601We celebrated our iPad project on Friday.  This is our celebration cake!  The children seemed to really like it!

We had a great time sharing our projects during our Open House.  I know the children were really proud of their projects and loved sharing them with their parents!  I will begin to email some of the projects to you soon!  Watch for them this week!

I will also post the Photostory about our project and send out the link so you can watch it at home.

snowman 2

toboas dad

Here are some of the snowmen the parents made!  The children did a great job showing their parents how to use Doodle Buddy to draw a snowman and label it.  The parents and the children did a great job, don’t  you think?

cool snowman

In the afternoon, we found a really neat new app that we have not tried before called Sparkle Music!  The children really enjoyed working with it.


We will miss the iPads!  We were lucky to have them!  They are too much fun!


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