TMF X 2!

September is about new beginnings!  A new start to a school year, a new grade, new school supplies, new shoes, and so on!  That’s one of the reasons it is TOO MUCH FUN!  But today it was two much fun times TWO!

The first reason happened when I  arrived at school to find that our projector had been installed!  We are very lucky at our school because our parent group has provided us with some new technology to use with our students in our classroom!  The projector and computer allows us to present the material in a really accessible way that the children really enjoy!  So, you can see why I was so excited!  Today at lunchtime I was able to use the online reading program TumbleBooks to show some Robert Munsch titles.  We enjoyed Moira’s Birthday!  It is a really fun story about how a little girl invites the whole school to her birthday party… EVEN the kindergartens!  It was so nice to have the pictures up on the big screen with no one saying that they couldn’t see the pictures! I think Robert Munsch himself narrated the story!   TumbleBooks is a really awesome website with a huge inventory of stories!  The stories are leveled to grade level and have a variety of activities attached!  There is a link to their website on our WIKI page!  Check it out!  It is really worth the time!

We also looked at some of the neat material on the BrainPopJr. website.  It looks like it will be a lot of fun!

The second reason is a publication I picked up tonight called iPads for Kids!  It is probably going to be a dangerous acquisition!  It has a ton of apps that I can’t wait to try and share with the kids!

It is really going to be TOO MUCH FUN!


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