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The iPads are Here Again!

IMG_1069Today was awesome!  The iPads for the iPad project arrived today!  I definitely did a happy dance!  I unpacked them from the cart and we got started right away!  I wanted to have the children get oriented with the iPads and we had a talk about how we need to take good care of them.  Then we got started!

emma m pic

The first program I showed them was a favourite of mine from last year’s project called Doodle Buddy!  Doodle Buddy is an awesome tool for drawing and writing.  I use it for almost anything.  This morning and this afternoon we used it to draw, do some spelling, and make some patterns in math!

First we learned how to use the tools in this program to draw.  Here are some samples of their work!  Love that glitter pen!


We also did some spelling and simple word families using Doodle Buddy.  Basically we used the ipads as our own personal whiteboards!  Works just great!


Later in the afternoon, we used Doodle Buddy to make simple patterns using the stamps.  We just used the Christmas ones.  After the children had started their patterns, we got up, went to a friend’s iPad and continued their pattern.  Lots of fun and learning too!


photo (1)

We also worked with an old favourite from last year called I Like Books.  It has a lot of different stories that the children can either listen to, read with, or read by themselves.  I had the children use their headphones from the computer lab to listen to the stories.  Why didn’t I think of that last year!  It worked great.


This last weekend, I picked up a really cool headphone accessory!  It allows five headphones to plug into one iPad!  Really worth it!


See, wasn’t it an awesome day!


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