An App for Peter Rabbit!

IMG_0221It’s Peter Rabbit time again!  This year we are once again doing a mini author study on Beatrix Potter stories.   I absolutely love her stories and I think that I have all of them.  I have a hard time figuring out which one is my favourite!  Can you guess?  I have two!  Last year I found out the Peter Rabbit has lots of apps on the iPad.  Last week, just before Easter,  we read Peter Rabbit.  We also watched a video I have that is really well done using the pictures in the books on Peter Rabbit and Benjamin Bunny.  I wish that I had bought all the other videos in the series as they are really well done.  But now I have the apps on my iPad!


The ones I have are really good and the children are really enjoying them.  This is the Peter Rabbit app from the Official Peter Rabbit site. It has some really neat features.


I have several Belkin headphone connectors so up to five children at a time can listen and use the apps at a time.  They are VERY cooperative!


Even the stuffies enjoy reading the stories!

The other app I have is called PopOutPeter! It allows you to either read the story yourself or have it read to you.  It has neat little pop-ups on each page that the children enjoyed.


There is also another Peter Rabbit app created by iActivecom that also reads the story.  It has a neat addition in that each page can be made into a jigsaw puzzle.  I love puzzles, so this one is a favourite for me!  All of these apps are under five dollars.  I can’t pick! I love them all! IMG_0040

Yesterday, we read the Squirrel Nutkin story and Mrs. Tiggy Winkle.  We still haven’t read one of my favourites yet! One is Peter Rabbit…. can you guess the other one?


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