TMF! It’s Okay to Have Too Much Fun!

I love to collect sayings and if you came to my house you would see them all over my house.  One of my favourites is “It’s Okay to Have Too Much Fun!   or   TMF!

Yesterday the children asked to watch the Monster at the End of this Book during storytime/eating time.  As I suffer from allergies I leapt at the opportunity to save my voice and set up the story.  I had the special helper of the day turn the pages as he had already gobbled up his sandwich and was eager to have the job.  It was delightful to watch the engagement of the students in the story, but especially the engagement of the page turner!!  During the story, the monster pleads with the reader to not turn the page by clasping his hands together and saying “Please, please don’t turn the page!” .  The student turning the pages on the iPad actually was so involved in the story that he was acting out the story as it happened complete with pleading hands! Magic!  Definitely TOO MUCH FUN!  Of course, then we had to listen to Another Monster at the End of this Book! Love those monsters!

I have continued to bring my iPad to school each day and when the children have completed their independent projects they have the opportunity to sit at my desk on my chair two at a time working with the apps I have downloaded onto my iPad.  Two other children sit on my other big chair at our classroom computer.  Little people in big chairs totally wrapped up in what they are doing is definitely Too Much Fun to watch!  Needless to say those chairs fill up fast.  At the end of the day I shut down my iPad and shut down the apps that have been opened and I get to do a little survey to see which apps are the most popular…  Really fun!  The Monster at the End of this Book and Peter Rabbit are really popular which tells me that I need to find more story apps!

The class WIKI is also really popular on the computer.  It is neat to see what their favourite sites are.  I need to find a way to let two children use the headphones…  There must be a gizmo for that!


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  1. sbeleznay

    It’s too much fun to read your blog! Thank you for letting us see inside your classroom and to learn with you and your students about iPads (and other things).

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