25 and Counting!

Today I introduced a new app to a small group of children who had finished their independent assignments.  Actually, I didn’t have to introduce it…. I mentioned that I had a new app for them to try and was about to explain how to use it when the child calmly pointed out that it wasn’t necessary because “they could figure it out!”  And they were right!  I had found a storybook app based on Toy Story.  It lets the child read the story or have the story read to them.  I like this one because it highlights the words as they are being read.  It also has a variety of other activities that the children really enjoy!  The children taught each other about the app and they were off!

Over the past few months we have been experimenting with iPads in our classroom.  I have been having a grand time researching other websites and searching for ideas and apps that would work well in a classroom.  Tonight I decided to review our journey and just see how many different apps or strategies we have used so far on the iPads.  Guess what!  If I have counted correctly today was number 25!

Now I am thinking and wondering if we could get to 100…  I would sure love to try!


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