Little Teachers!

Today I went to a sharing event for the iPad project at the DRC in the morning.  It was awesome to see all the projects that the teams have been working on over the past five weeks!  When I got back to school the children wanted to know where I had been so I commented that I had been sharing their awesome projects with other teachers in the district.  They wanted to know all about it of course and then their comment was “that I should have brought them (the class) with me because they know lots about iPads!”  They were right of course!  They would have been great “little teachers”!

One of the teachers actually did bring a few of her students with her to share their projects and it was awesome to see how skilled and comfortable they were with the technology!

Because I had my computer with me today we watched our Photostory about our project again as some of the children were away on our sharing day and it was their first chance to see it!  Then we had to dance to the music!  Lots of fun!

Some of the students got a chance to play with DoodleCast today and it is a hit!  What amazes me is how quickly the children catch on to the apps!  One demo and they are off!  They seemed to really enjoy talking about their drawing while they were drawing and then enjoyed watching the instant replay.  Unfortunately I forgot to show them how to save their work!  Three little boys totally engrossed in their drawing and storytelling!  Too cool!


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